Abelisk, Inc.

Headquartered in California with development and support teams in Bulgaria, Abelisk has global reach that draws on our 35 years of experience.
Abelisk, Inc. is a privately owned California corporation devoted to developing and supporting enterprise level supply chain software since 1979. It has successfully developed multiple versions of its software with Abelisk being the latest iteration. Its legacy products along with the prior name, Argos Software, were sold to Constellation Software in 2015 in order to focus on Abelisk.

With each new version of our software, we have enhanced and expanded the platform, features and functionality to meet growing user requirements and to support advanced best practices. Our experience of working with users in the supply chain market for over 35 years is reflected in our software. With Abelisk, we have been able to re-design and re-develop our software to meet the demanding expectations of an advanced digital world.
Our goal is to help supply chain companies outperform the competition in this digital world. This means working with mobility, interconnecting with trading partners and empowering management with relevant information and decision tools. Routine tasks must be automated to provide time for handling the exceptions, informed decision making and creative business development. This allows us to help you run a better business.

Abelisk is headquartered in Fresno, California with its development and support teams in Bulgaria.
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