Abelisk comprises a complete suite of fully integrated highly configurable modules to power your business in this demanding digital age.

Order Processing Module

Abelisk Orders

Handles the buying and selling/charge-out of products and services, efficiently and with all the control points your business demands.

It allows you to manage your product, your services, your vendors and your customers/jobs from within the system.

It ensures that the right amount of the right product is received and shipped at the right cost and price and at the right time.

Inventory Management Module

Abelisk Inventory

Provides full control and visibility of your material, from Vendor to Customer/Job.

Handling multiple units of measure or packaging variations is no challenge for Abelisk Inventory.

Manage your inventory at the SKU, Lot, Sublot or Serial Number level using Tracking Units to provide the ultimate control and traceability.

Warehousing Management Module

Abelisk Warehouse

It is a fully directed WMS that provides operating support and control of your facilities, your processes, your equipment and your labor.

Abelisk Warehouse efficiently directs and tracks all activities within your facilities to optimize equipment and space utilization and manage your labor.

Demand Planning capabilities are embedded to provide full visibility of future demands and utilization, ensuring you accurate and timely visibility.

Financial Accounting Module

Abelisk Accounting

Includes all the Accounting, Payables, Receivables, and Financial and Job/Project Reporting elements you expect plus banking and tax reporting, all designed for an international business.

Abelisk Accounting allows you to operate with multiple currencies and can comply with your statutory requirements and standards, wherever you are located.

Abelisk Accounting also includes visibility tools and reporting to ensure you can see everything you need, in real time.

All of the modules are built on top of the Abelisk Framework. This Framework provides all the reporting, communications and visibility tools you need with the security required in an insecure world.
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