About Us

Abelisk, Inc. comprises the experienced and committed team required to architect, develop and support Abelisk™, our enterprise level supply chain system.
Abelisk, Inc. has been providing enterprise solutions to corporations, non-profits and government for over 35 years. Abelisk™ represents the culmination of our design and development efforts.  We have successfully developed, marketed and supported multiple versions of supply chain software in multiple industries and in multiple countries.

Abelisk, Inc. is led by an experienced team with the CEO being the original founder.  Marketing is led by an internationally recognized logistics consultant who has been with Abelisk for more than 12 years.  Development is led by a software architect and developer with over 15 years of experience with the company.  All have been integral to the design and development of Abelisk™.  All are committed to its success and to yours.
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