Accounts Payable

Abelisk’s Accounts Payable module provides complete control of your payables function. It integrates with the Purchase Order module to track both open and paid invoices and credits. In addition, invoices and credits can be entered, repetitively generated or imported directly into the Payables module.
The Payables module allows transactions to be in any currency with the same or a different pay currency.  Payments can be processed in any pay currency against open invoices and credits.   Along with the payment amount, term’s discounts and other adjustments can be taken against open transactions at that time.  Cash payments integrate with the bank reconciliation process.

Abelisk is a rules driven system where you set the rules.

Abelisk™ Accounts Payable Module Advantages

  • Vendor Invoices and credits from PO create open payables in the pay currency
  • Vendor invoices, credits, debits and adjustments can be entered directly into AP in any currency with the same or a different pay currency
  • Accounting for expenses is simplified though pre-defined distributions by vendor with either automatic or manual selection when the transaction is created
  • Each vendor may have multiple distributions pre-defined
  • Exchange rates can be based on market rates or pre-set
  • Holdbacks/retainers can be tracked
  • Terms, taxes and other information automatically defaults from the vendor
  • A single or multi-level approval process can be required on transactions
  • Repeating invoices can be automatically generated
  • Open payables can be managed for payment taking early payment discounts and adjustments, as relevant
  • Payments can be made in any currency either electronically or by check
  • Payments can be made to a master vendor, if required
  • Cash payments can be reconciled against bank charges
  • All transactions are tracked by batch number
  • Transactions commit by fiscal year and period with user limits on prior and post periods allowed, including number of days.  You control when fiscal periods close
  • Completed transactions are retained in history for later review and analysis
  • Open payable reports, aging reports, vendor reports and more can be generated
  • Dashboards can be user defined with multiple formats
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