Abelisk™ for Agents / Brokers

As an Agent/Broker, you need to mirror the sales and inventory processes of your principals … with an ability to quickly adapt to new requirements.

If you are an agent, broker or manufacturer’s representative, you have special challenges in working with the companies you represent, particularly if you are not able to work directly off their ERP systems.

Your Challenge

As an agent, broker or manufacturer's representative, you have special challenges in working with the companies you represent, particularly if you are not able to work directly off their ERP systems.

This requires that you:
  • Stay current with saleable inventory items and availability, preferably by being connected to your partner's system
  • Use prices, discounts, rebates, shipping rules, and other conditions that may be changed frequently by your partners
  • Communicate your orders in a timely way and receive confirmations so you can manage your role in the fulfilment process
  • Pay your partner/s, if required, and calculate and track your commissions and fees
  • Stay up-to-date in all aspects of the customer relationship
  • Use a system that allows selling like a distributor-wholesaler but handles the accounting as required for an agent-broker-representative

Internal IT-Developers

Enterprise Level Software

Meeting these requirements demands a powerful and flexible enterprise system built on an advanced, scalable and robust platform.

A system where rules and processes are automated but with enough flexibility to not hinder performance. 

A system where you set the rules, configure as you need and enhance as required to your additional specific requirements.

A system that can grow and change as your business requirements change. 

And a system that is connected with your partners, customers and others in the supply chain.

Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Processing

The sales order system must mirror your partner’s order system/s and allow multiple order entry alternatives.

Pricing, discounts, rebates, handling levels, and other factors must all be consistent with your partner based on dates and rules.

You must sell based on your partner's expected available inventory. Shipping commitments must be in line with your partner's capabilities and processes. And, your customer service staff needs updated information quickly,
easily and accurately.

Your sales success generates commissions and fees. These must be accurately calculated and tracked based on your various agreements. This is essential to your financial health.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

While the inventory is not stocked and physically handled, it still forms the basis for the products being sold.

This requires that your inventory system must include the products available for sale and show availability by site and date based on your partner’s inventory.

If you physically handle some or all of the inventory, this adds further to your requirements, both in terms of
operations and replenishment.



The Accounting systems must provide the control and information needed to manage the financial side of your business and your relationship with your partner/s. Customer information, requirements and activity need to be an integral part of your system even though you may not be responsible for collections.

But, if you do bill and collect on behalf your partners, then you need to manage their Receivables and your Payables

Your commissions and fees need to be tracked in Receivables. And the Accounting system needs to provide financial reports, track taxes and reconcile to the bank.

In doing this, the system is also able to provide relevant information to all stakeholders, as and when required and in the form required. It supports the staff in doing their work. And it does this as automatically as possible.


Why Abelisk™ ?

Designed and built by an experienced team, Abelisk provides the ability to change as your business changes. Web based or on-premises, it provides the functionality and connectivity you require. It is built on a powerful,
easy to use platform that allows you to customize to your requirements. This then migrates as you update to the latest version of Abelisk. It provides the information demanded by all stakeholders as and when required.

With over 35 years of experience, Abelisk Software is there to support you every step of the way.

Abelisk lets you run your business your way for top performance and profitability.

Abelisk™ Features for Agent / Broker
Powering business your way

  • Full digital solution with mobile and web access
  • Easy customer interaction
  • Electronically connected to your trading partners
  • Easy access to critical information by management
  • SaaS or licensed in the cloud or on premises
  • Flexible rules-based system
  • Multiple configuration alternatives
  • Managed approval processes
  • Globally supports follow-up of user tasks
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Customer personalization and dialog
  • Multiple order entry alternatives…automated, manual & electronic.
  • Multi-level pricing
  • Multiple item and transaction discounts
  • Multiple handling levels
  • Detailed item specifications
  • Inventory availability by site and date
  • Dock appointment and carrier management, if required
  • Calculation and tracking of commissions and fees
  • Tax calculation, tracking and reporting
  • Receivables and payable tracking if sales are billed and collected
  • Financial reporting
  • Business intelligence and analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Exception Reporting
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