Custom Solution Development

If customization is required to meet your requirements, we can train your staff on the environment and application to successfully do it or we can do it for you.

Custom solution development
Customizing via specific configuration and setup

With the large number of setup and configuration options included in Abelisk, it may meet your requirements without any modifications beyond those that you can do through the Administrative tools.  Abelisk is a rules driven system where you set the rules.  These rules are established based on choices that you make in the application.  However, if different or additional rules are required, these can be added to the system through JavaScript coding.

Build up enhancements via programming

Build up enhancements via programming

In some cases, significant enhancements may be required to meet your specific requirements.  These require a competent programming background and skills, including database knowledge.  In this case, the choice is between having your IT personnel trained on Abelisk to perform the enhancements or to have our programming team do this work for you on a custom basis.  

One benefit of having our programmers do this work is that the coding can then be included as part of the on-going application. This allows us to continue supporting these enhancements as part of the system.

In either case, the platform is designed to support custom modifications on top of the existing Abelisk coding.

Our programmers and related staff are available to help you design and execute any custom modifications you might need in the application.

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