Application Deployment

Our tools make Abelisk easy to deploy both initially and on-going in your environment.

The application uses our enhanced version of the Servoy development tools for creating and deploying our enterprise application. This provides the ability to deploy the application on different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) either running natively as a Smart Client or as a Web Client running in a browser.  It is database agnostic with support for MsSQL, Oracle, DB2 and Postgres.

Smart Client deployment option
Smart Client
deployment option:
  • Uses a local server and runs natively on the users workstations.
  • Does not require any additional installation or maintenance on the individual workstations.
  • Administrators need to update only the central server and all workstations will be automatically updated when the Smart Client is launched.

Web Client option
Web Client
  • Provides the convenience of being able to access the application locally or remotely over the Internet.
  • All major browsers supported
  • The communication between the client and the server is encrypted to provide the best security protection for the business data.
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