Abelisk™ for Distributors / Wholesalers

As a Distributor/Wholesaler, you need a solution that fulfils your buying, selling, inventory, and operational requirements … with flexibility to change as you change.

You work in a complex inter-connected world where meeting the customer’s expectations is supreme. At the same time, all other stakeholders must also have their expectations fully met. Trading partners must be in the “know”, workers must be productive and satisfied, management must be managing with the right information, shareholders must be delighted with the company’s performance, and administrative and regulatory requirements must be met.

Internal IT-Developers

Enterprise Level Software

This requires an integrated and digitally connected system where all of the pieces fit together to meet your business requirements. This means that sales knows their customers down to their buying habits and needs; purchasing knows about required inventory and their optimal suppliers; inventory knows about availability, costs, pricing, and location; warehousing knows about handling and storage requirements; shipping knows what inbound and outbound shipments they have to manage; accounting knows the financial details and the status of all accounts; and the list goes on.

Meeting these requirements demands a powerful and flexible enterprise system built on an advanced, scalable and robust platform.

A system where you set the rules, configure as you need and enhance as required to your additional specific requirements. And a system that is connected with your customers, partners and others in the supply chain.

Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Processing

The sales order system must provide for multiple order entry alternatives with the ability to price in any currency and sell in any unit of measure. You must sell based on your expected available
inventory, what you can procure in time or can drop ship. Your customer service representatives need this information quickly, easily and accurately.

Inventory must be allocated by your rules and picked efficiently and accurately from the optimal site at the right time. Missed sales and shipments must be due to factors outside your control.

Your shipments must be managed to meet customer expectations. If required, dock appointments must be used to control the flow of traffic into and out of your facility and to plan your operations.

Purchase Order Processing

Purchase Order Processing

The procurement system must be nimble so that the right products are ordered from the right vendor at the right cost at the right time.

Purchasing must have the required information on an on-going basis to meet the challenge of maintaining sufficient inventory to meet expected orders but not overstock.

Invoices must be flexibly matched with payment in any currency.

Warehouse operations must be able to receive and put away stock in a timely and efficient way while working with the available resources.

In a mobile environment, operations must be directed based on your rules.

Shipping must be controlled to meet your requirements.

And, value added services must be rendered as required.

Inventory / Warehouse Management

Inventory / Warehouse Management

The inventory and warehousing systems must support these requirements by handling operations efficiently with intelligence.

Operations must be planned to meet requirements with the available resources under ever changing internal and regulatory constraints.

Inventory must be received and put away in the right locations, directed as needed.  Orders must be pulled and shipped correctly and at the right time.

And carrier selection and appointments must be driven based on the requirements of the business and available resources.  Both owned and consignment items may need to be supported.

Different handling levels must be supported for both purchasing and sales.



The Accounting systems must provide the control and information needed to manage the financial side of the business.

Details must be passed to other corporate systems, as required.

Customer information and relationship processes need to be an integral part of Receivables. Collections must be timely and successful. Vendor information, product availability and pricing, and interaction needs to be an integral part of Payables. Ranking and selecting vendors must be based on what is best for the business.

And the Accounting system needs to manage the accounting details, provide financial reports, track taxes and reconcile to the bank. While accrual accounting is standard, cash accounting gives another view of financial health. Foreign exchange transactions must be supported along with maintaining records in the head office
currency, if needed.


Why Abelisk™?

Designed and built by an experienced team, Abelisk™ provides the ability to change as your business changes. Web based or on-premises, it provides the functionality and connectivity you require. It is built on a powerful, easy to use platform that allows you to customize to your requirements. This then migrates as you update to the latest version of Abelisk™. It provides the information demanded by all stakeholders as and when required.

With over 35 years of experience, Abelisk Software is there to support you every step of the way.

Abelisk lets you run your business your way for top performance.

Abelisk™ Features for Distributors / Wholesalers
Powering business your way

  • Full digital solution with mobile and web access
  • Easy customer interaction
  • Electronically connected to your trading partners
  • Easy access to critical information by management
  • SaaS or licensed in the cloud or on premises
  • Flexible rules-based system
  • Multiple configuration alternatives
  • Managed approval processes
  • Globally supports follow-up of user tasks
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Full inventory control
  • Supports efficient and safe warehouse operations
  • Customer personalization and dialog
  • Multiple order entry alternatives…automated, manual & electronic.
  • Multi-level pricing
  • Multiple item and transaction discounts
  • Multiple handling levels
  • Location tracking
  • Directed put away and picking
  • Multiple fulfilment alternatives
  • Dock appointment and carrier management
  • Vendor interaction
  • Product sourcing alternatives
  • Tax calculation, tracking and reporting
  • Receivables tracking
  • Payables management
  • Financial reporting
  • Business intelligence and analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Exception Reporting
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