Abelisk™ for Internal IT-Developers

By building on top of Abelisk, you have the core functionality required in supply chain operations to give you a quick start to development … by your IT staff or outsourced to ours.

If your needs are not being met or you need to have full control over your supply chain software, then you need a system that you can build on. This can be as simple as customizing the current Abelisk. Or, as extensive as building a system on top of Abelisk™ using the Abelisk platform and source code. In this case, you can acquire a company or enterprise license along with the source code of the system. This allows your internal IT staff (or ours) to further develop and refine Abelisk™ to your specific requirements. Working from a well architected, well designed pre-built system allows a customized version to be quickly crafted, tested and implemented with features that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.

For independent software developers (ISVs) with unique vertical market niches, Abelisk™ allows you to start with a strong enterprise product and add the additional functionality required for your market. A source code license of Abelisk™ with its exceptionally strong supply chain functionality provides the base for a "best in class" product. As a developer, you can build on years of development programming and quickly add the required additional functionality. 

Abelisk,  Inc. recognizes the importance of minimizing the learning curve on new software development. As a result, we will support your IT staff in learning both the platform and the application. We will work with you on the design of Abelisk, its functionality, coding, and documentation. We will make our internal tools available to you and support you with third party tools

Enterprise Level Software

Enterprise Level Software

For both internal IT departments and software developers, working with a powerful, scalable and robust enterprise level application platform is a major advantage and time saver.

Add to this the well specified database structure, advanced program logic, needed internal processes, and professional programming, you can immediately work on your additional functional requirements.

Working with an enhanced version of the Servoy development platform will save you development time and cost and more likely bring your project to an "on time on budget" conclusion.

Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Processing

The sales order system includes extensive functionality and configurability.  It provides for multiple order entry alternatives with the ability to price in any currency and sell in any unit of measure.

Orders can be broken into multiple releases to your match picking and shipping requirements. Inventory can be allocated based on your rules and picked efficiently.

Invoices can be generated based on releases, orders or consolidated by customer.  Discounts, rebates and taxes are handled.

Transportation arrangements can be managed along with dock appointments.

Returns (reverse logistics) can be authorized, approved and received for credit. Similarly, adjustments on shipped product can later be given as credits.

Purchase Order Processing

Purchase Order Processing

The procurement system provides for requisitions, Requests for Quotation (RFQs), purchase orders, receiving, and the reconciliation of invoices with receipts.

Inventory can be automatically reordered with vendors being selected based on your rules. 

Vendor item codes, handling rules and pricing can be automatically applied.

Inventory availability and costs are updated as product is received with expected future availability updated based on the date orders are expected to be received.

Product costs can be based on fully allocated landed costs, including handling and storage.

Inventory / Warehouse Management

Inventory / Warehouse Management

The inventory and warehousing systems provide for the efficient handling of inventory based on the available resources and other constraints.

The inventory and warehousing systems provide for the efficient handling of inventory based on the available resources and other constraints. 

Inventory operations can be directed in a mobile environment, including both put away and picking, based on warehouse locations and rules.

Both owned and consignment items are supported. And, value added services can be rendered as required. 

Transportation requirements can be defined, arranged, scheduled and tracked. And dock appointments can be scheduled to meet your space and resource availability.



The Accounting system provides the control and information needed to manage the financial side of the business, including financial and management reports, taxes and banking.

Full Activity Based Costing (ABC) is available to track revenue and expenses by region, customer, project, job, or other dimension, as required. 

Financial reporting is available in both the home and a foreign currency on both a cash and an accrual basis.

Customer information and relationship details are maintained as an integral part of Receivables. Collection management is available. Vendor information, product availability, pricing, and history are an integral part of Payables.  

Abelisk provides relevant information to all stakeholders, as and when required and in the form required. It helps the staff be more productive and content.  And, it does this as automatically as possible.

Why Abelisk™?

Designed and built by an experienced team, Abelisk provides the basis for a system that will meet your business requirements and can change with you as your business changes. Web based or on-premises, it provides the functionality and connectivity you require. It is built on a powerful, easy to use platform that allows you to build to your requirements. It is designed to provide the information demanded by all stakeholders as and when required. With over 35 years of experience, Abelisk Software is there to support you every step of the way.

Abelisk lets you run your business your way for top performance.

Abelisk™ Features for Internal IT-Developers
Powering business your way

  • Full digital solution with mobile and web access
  • Electronically connected to your trading partners
  • Easy access to critical information by management
  • SaaS or licensed in the cloud or on premises
  • Flexible rules-based system
  • Multiple configuration alternatives
  • Managed approval processes
  • Globally supports follow-up of user tasks
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Full inventory control
  • Supports efficient and safe warehouse operations
  • Customer personalization and dialog
  • Multiple order entry alternatives…automated, manual & electronic.
  • Multi-level pricing
  • Multiple item and transaction discounts
  • Multiple handling levels
  • Location tracking
  • Directed put away and picking
  • Multiple fulfilment alternatives
  • Labor & resource planning
  • Dock appointment and carrier management
  • Vendor item codes, pricing and handling
  • Product sourcing alternatives
  • Procurement based on requisitions, reorders, sales order requirements, drop ship orders
  • Request for Quotation and analysis
  • Tax calculation, tracking and reporting
  • Receivables tracking
  • Payables management
  • Financial reporting
  • Business intelligence and analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Exception Reporting
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