On-going Support

Abelisk Software is there to professionally support you through your questions and concerns as they arise, no matter how big or small.

On-going support is divided into several categories.

First Level Support

First level support

  • “How to” questions
  • Customizing your application using Administrative tools to better understand your results from using Abelisk.  This requires that our Support staff have both strong knowledge of the application and industry experience on how the system is used in real life. 
This is typically the first contact point by your Abelisk Administrator/s.

Second Level Support

Second level support

  • Directed at handling more complex questions requiring detailed technical knowledge of the internals of Abelisk.  
  • Includes very detailed knowledge of the database structure and relationships, SQL tools and scripting, special uses of the Administrative tools, and discussions regarding programming changes that may be required in Abelisk to meet your requirements.

Programming support

Programming support

  • Required to help your staff with specific requests requiring additional custom scripts/coding.  
  • Helping your staff plan their custom modifications
  • Supporting their work as they execute
  • Testing of their work. 
This is typically reserved for your IT staff.

Depending on your support plan, our support team will be available on a 24 x 7 basis or based on normal business hours.  Support can be in person, by phone, by sharing screens (including the underlying programs and data), by email or through our self-help documentation and knowledgebase.  Dedicated local numbers are available to reach the Help Desk.  They will involve the appropriate support personnel, including senior programmers and management.

We are dedicated to meeting your support needs with real people offering real solutions!

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