Our Legacy

With multiple versions of our supply chain software and with over 35 years of partnering with our users, Abelisk has strong and compelling roots.
Abelisk™ is a new generation product designed for the digital age built on very strong roots. The first legacy product started in the early days of microcomputers, before the advent of the IBM PC and MsDOS. From its beginning in 1979, the system was designed to serve the enterprise with multiple users. The beginning product, ABECAS, Activity Based Enterprise Cost Accounting System, supported strong financial and management accounting as well as supply chain functionality.

The earlier versions were built on our own proprietary development platform and database as adequate commercial tools were not then available. The shift to Windows required a complete re-design and re-development of the system to take advantage of the new and enhanced platform. For the Windows version, Delphi and MsSQL were used and later updated to .Net.

Our design philosophy has always been to build a market leading product incorporating advanced functionality with full integration of all modules. This required significant configurability to handle a large range of options. These options continued to grow as a result of user requests and customization. As a single system, this meant that it could be upgraded without further customization. Even the database was automatically updated with the deployment of each release. This allowed the system to be quickly implemented and updated.
Users of our legacy systems were mostly in the US with some in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong and the Caribbean. Our focus was on distributors, food processors, agri-business, trucking, third party warehouses and equipment maintenance operations.

Abelisk™ is our next iteration. It is built on this legacy but is designed for the international market with multiple currencies, alternative tax structures, significantly enhanced functionality, and supportive of the digital world. In 2009, we started working with a new advanced development platform, Servoy, that is operating system and database agnostic and provides for rapid agile development. This platform has been further enhanced by us to comply with enterprise requirements.

Our focus on the supply chain continues but with substantially enhanced requirements. Central to Abelisk is expanded functionality in all areas. Current warehouse requirements require advanced automation, planning and execution functionality. Inventory needs to be supported with multiple handling levels and quantities. Sales requires complex pricing options with multiple discounts. Non-inventory charges need to be embedded and tracked. Multiple currencies need to be available in all transactions and tracked at an accounting level. Data has to flow seamlessly to and from trading partners. And, the list continues.

Abelisk™ is designed for your digital world.

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