Outsourcing IT Projects

Abelisk Software can help you architect and develop new software, web and mobile software, maintain existing software, conversions, integration with legacy systems, testing, and more.

Abelisk Software is a California company with its development team in Bulgaria.  We have been developing enterprise level supply chain software since 1979.  We understand the requirements of the industry having developed multiple generations of product covering the broad range of required functionality.
If you have some IT projects that need to get done but you don’t have the resources, then maybe we can help.

Below are some of the outsourcing services that we can provide:
  • .Net - development/maintenance
  • Java - development, maintenance
  • Servoy - development/maintenance
  • Web development/JavaScript
  • Database modeling /programming/administration - SQL scripts
  • Delph - maintenance/migration/upgrading legacy products and tools
  • ColdFusion - maintenance/migration
  • Mobile development - new projects
  • Mobile development - maintenance of applications for older Microsoft mobile platforms to support existing hardware
  • Database system integration - importing/exporting and automation
  • Web services - expose legacy systems to third party systems
  • Web portals/tools/reporting
  • EDI
  • PowerShell Automation and administration scripts
  • Automation projects
  • Cloud migration
  • Custom reports and data visualization - Jasper reports, Crystal reports, Report Builder
  • Dev Express .Net reporting
  • ERP deployment/implementation
  • Quality control/testing
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