The Abelisk Application is built on a powerful yet flexible platform that has been enhanced by us to meet your enterprise level requirements. Functionally rich and customizable, it can be easily adapted to your ever-changing needs in a demanding digital environment.

The application framework uses a modular structure and can be easily expanded to include new features, functionality, interfaces, and other requirements. It provides the base infrastructure and implements the common functionality which can be used in any business domain. Core application modules add the generic business elements related to the Accounting, Identities and Inventory which, in turn, are used by all other parts of the system. This allows the robust accounting and inventory to be shared and visible everywhere.

It provides the security, menu and program forms UI, localization, reporting, and the business tools required in an enterprise environment. It provides easy customization of the UI after deployment and supports the addition of customized business logic in the programs. It allows the application to be tailored to your business and your business requirements.
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