Platform Overview

The Abelisk™ application framework is an enhanced version of the Servoy Business Application Platform developed by us to provide the enterprise level functionality required by Abelisk™.

The Abelisk™ applications framework is a superior framework built to support Abelisk™. It implements the common application elements and provides the general application infrastructure:

Platform Security


Integrates with the standard Servoy security infrastructure and enhances it by providing support for Roles and Permissions.

User password management is available with password expiration, complexity, previous usage count, lock-out upon multiple failed log on attempts.

Using the permissions, the security system provides access control to databases, tables, forms, fields and actions. Security audit log is stored in the database for easy access and administration.

Application configuration and customization

Application configuration and customization

The application menu and program forms UI can be customized after system deployment. The application framework provides localization with support for multiple dictionaries.

Custom business logic form scripts can be added by administrators to extend the standard system and meet specific requirements without the need to modify the application.



Uses Jasper Reports and allows the same report template to be used against different types of databases.

The visualization of the report parameters on the UI can be customized to meet various requirements.

A custom Financial Reports engine addresses the special requirements for generating various standard financial statements and documents.

Platform Dashboards


Uses Velocity Reports visualization functionality to provide out-of-the-box customizable dashboards which are an important part of any business application.

Business Rules

Business Rules

The application provides support for customizable business rules integrating the proven Drools Expert rules engine.

Business analysts can define complex business rules using industry standard tools to drive the specific business processes within the organization.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management

The application framework includes a built-in integration with Activity - a light-weight workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) Platform based on a solid BPMN 2 process engine.

It is targeted at business people, developers and system administrators and provides a seamless integration with the system processes, application user tasks and programs.

Various application services

Application Services

Some of the available application services provided by the application framework include message dialogs with support for Smart and Web Client, document file attachments which can be used in any data-context, user-definable data default templates, custom user-defined data templates which can extend any business entity, generic method queue for background processing using Servoy headless clients, field-level context help system, generic visual data search with support for storing search macros, generic automation data triggers.

Some of the benefits of using the Abelisk application framework are:
  • The boilerplate code and plumbing is already implemented.
  • In extending a base application form, developers need to implement only a few methods directly related to the specific business logic. This speeds up the development process and keeps the developers focused on the main task.
  • The clean separation between business logic and UI allows the most important aspects of the application to be covered by Unit Tests ensuring product quality. Of course, static UI forms are also supported.
  • The built-in integration with a standards-compliant BPMN 2 process engine and a proven business rules engine makes the platform ready to handle most of the enterprise business tasks and widens the range of options where it can be successfully applied.
  • The application platform is implemented with full Smart and Web Client compatibility. Its design follows the recommended best practices and promotes high-quality coding.

For a more detailed overview of the Abelisk Platform and Application Features, Click here.
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