Abelisk™ for Inventory Costing

In buying and managing inventory destined for projects, jobs or internal use, you need complete control over your processes … with the flexibility to meet new requirements.

Inventory purchased for projects or internal use requires the ability to manage the delivery, handling and charge out of items based on your requirements. This means that the inventory has to be purchased, often with competitive bidding, and physically tracked. In addition, all related costs must be allocated to inventory, including ordering, transport, handling, and holding costs. These costs must then be assigned to the project or cost center with a markup, if required, when the inventory is drawn or delivered.

Internal IT-Developers

Enterprise Level Software

Meeting these requirements demands a powerful and flexible enterprise system built on an advanced, scalable and robust platform. A system where rules and processes are automated but with enough flexibility to not hinder performance.

A system where you set the rules, configure as you need and enhance as required to your additional specific requirements. 

A system that can grow and change as your business requirements change.

And, a system that is connected with and responsive to your project/internal personnel, partners and others in your organization and your supply chain.

Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Processing

The internal order system must provide for multiple order entry alternatives in support of project/internal requirements and personnel.

Inventory items must be priced and allocated as needed.

Orders must be charged to the correct project/cost center by activity.  Items must be picked efficiently and accurately from the optimal site at the right time.  And orders must be shipped and delivered on time by the selected carrier.

Meeting the internal customer's expectation is imperative. This means delivering the right product to the right
project/job/internal user at the right time. This may be as a drop ship order. Or, it may require the physical handling and storage of inventory, providing value-added services and arranging transportation.
It may also require that the orders be staged over time and place.

Purchase Order Processing

The procurement system must be nimble so that the right products are ordered from the right vendor at the right cost at the right time.

Requests for Quotation (RFQ), if required, must be issued and analyzed with the right vendor being selected.

Purchase orders must be created, approved and issued based on requisitions, selected vendor, approved and issued. Order fulfilment must be tracked with exceptions handled. Inbound transportation needs to be arranged and scheduled. Receipts must be checked, processed and stored, as required. And, vendor invoices need to be matched against the PO and receipts and paid appropriately.

This may also require the handling of product on consignment from your suppliers with the appropriate accounting when used.

Inventory / Warehouse Management

The inventory and warehousing systems must support these requirements by handling operations efficiently with intelligence using the available resources.  Inventory must be received and put away in the right locations, directed as needed.

Orders must be pulled and shipped correctly and at the right time. And carrier selection and appointments must be driven based on the requirements of your operations and available resources. 

Inventory may be purchased and used in different units of measure with appropriate pricing and, possibly, in different currencies. Both owned and consignment items may need to be supported.

Non-repetitive items may need to be processed as ad hoc or non-inventory items. And all related transportation, expediting, handling, and other add-on costs need to be tracked and allocated to determine the landed cost of the inventory.



Your Accounting systems must handle project/job accounting as well as financial and departmental accounting.  In many cases, this requires a full Activity Based Costing (ABC) system to track revenue and expenses by activity for each project/job.

The financial reports may be required in the currency of your head office if different to your currency. And cash-basis accounting may be required in addition to your standard accrual basis.

Vendor, carrier, project, personnel and other relevant information needs to be maintained. 

Billings can be directly charged to the project/user or managed through Receivables with payment transfers.

Vendor information, if required, such as contact details, pricing, shipping and other details, need to be an integral part of Payables.

Why Abelisk™?

Inventory procurement may be specifically based on the requirements of on-going and planned projects. Or, it may result from an expected flow-through of product based on historical usage or projected requirements. Once the requirements are known, then a Request for Quote (RFQ) may be required with an analysis to determine the preferred vendor/s. This then allows the requirements plan to be turned into purchase orders.

Inventory usage may be on-demand with picking and delivery based on required by dates. On the other hand, inventory requirements may be broken down into staged deliveries that need to be carefully managed. Or, a large number of consuming sites may need to be provisioned with distribution from multiple sites.  Regardless, this requires that shipping/usage orders be fully tracked and documented with all processes handled in a timely way.

Physical inventory needs to be handled. Projects or usage may be close to the storage site or warehouse and so requires minimal handling and transportation.  Or, they may be more distant and require significant handling and transportation. Or, items may be drop shipped or sourced from central sites or held on consignment.  Regardless, excellent transportation and warehouse management capabilities are typically required.

Such departments work in a complex inter-connected world where meeting the internal customer’s expectations is imperative. At the same time, all other stakeholders must also have their expectations fully met. Two way communication must exist between vendors, carriers, and others in the supply chain, workers must be productive and feel supported, management must receive the right information, shareholders must be convinced that this cost center is operated efficiently, and administrative and regulatory requirements must be met.

Designed and built by an experienced team, Abelisk provides the ability to change as your business changes. Web based or on-premises, it provides the functionality and connectivity you require. It is built on a powerful, easy to use platform that allows you to customize to your requirements. This then migrates as you update to the latest version of Abelisk. It provides the information demanded by all stakeholders as and when required. With over 35 years of experience, Abelisk Software is there to support you every step of the way.

Abelisk lets you run your business your way for top performance.

Abelisk™ Features for Project Inventory Charge Out
Powering business your way

  • Full digital solution with mobile and web access
  • Electronically connected to your trading partners
  • Easy access to critical information by management
  • SaaS or licensed in the cloud or on premises
  • Flexible rules-based system
  • Multiple configuration alternatives
  • Managed approval processes
  • Globally supports follow-up of user tasks
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Inventory requirements managed as requisitions
  • Automatic reorders
  • Request for Quote  processing and vendor selection
  • Procurement processing
  • Full inventory control
  • Supports efficient and safe warehouse operations
  • Order releases by project, department and fund
  • Multiple order entry alternatives…automated, manual & electronic.
  • Multi-level pricing
  • Multiple handling levels
  • Location tracking
  • Directed put away and picking
  • Multiple fulfilment alternatives
  • Dock appointment and carrier management
  • Vendor interaction
  • Product sourcing alternatives
  • Tax calculation, tracking and reporting
  • Receivables tracking
  • Payables processing
  • Financial reporting
  • Project reporting
  • Fund reporting
  • Activity based costing
  • Business intelligence and analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Exception Reporting
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