Purchase Order Processing

Abelisk's Purchase Order Processing module manages the procurement of products and services from planning to payment. It provides full visibility and control of all steps in the process - requisitions, requests for quote, orders and confirmations, receiving and put away, and invoice reconciliation.
The purchase order module creates PO’s based on vendor terms and information, including vendor item codes.  It automates processes, as possible, such as the re-order process.  It supports both inventory and non-inventory items and supports both simple and complex supply chains.  It maintains inventory availability by date and tracks landed costs for use by your selected costing method.

Abelisk is a rules driven system where you set the rules.

Abelisk™ Purchase Order Processing Module Advantages

  • Requisitions can be created at any of the 6 handling levels
  • Requisitions can be automatically created through the reorder process
  • Requisitions can be automatically assigned to the preferred vendor and priced
  • Requests for Quote can be automatically generated from requisitions with the responses used to select preferred vendors and manage vendor prices
  • Purchase orders can be generated automatically or manually from the requisitions, or created directly
  • Acknowledgements and confirmations can be managed
  • Purchase orders can be received as single or multiple receipts
  • Advance ship notices can be used to create or update expected receipts
  • The put away process can be directed to preferred available and compatible locations
  • Handheld devices can be used in receiving and put away to direct activity and to confirm details and locations
  • Labels and put away reports can be generated
  • Non-inventory items can be included in requisitions, purchase orders and receipts, including freight and other charges
  • Ability to track third party charges associated with purchase orders and receipts
  • A single or multi-level approval process can be required in requisitions, purchase orders and receipts
  • Vendor invoices can be reconciled against one or more receipts and purchase orders
  • Purchase orders can be written in any currency with payments in the same or a different currency. Exchange rates can be based on market rates or pre-set
  • Accrued liability associated with purchase orders and receipts can be tracked for accounting purposes
  • Returns and adjustments can be managed along with the receipt of credits
  • Transportation arrangements can be tracked and managed
  • Dock appointments can be set to manage and control the receiving of product
  • Vendor codes, order conditions and pricing can be related to company SKU codes through a vendor cross reference table
  • Vendor rebates can be periodically generated based on the eligibility at the item, vendor, and transaction
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