Sales Order Processing

Abelisk’s Sales Order Processing module provides complete control of your sales process from quoting to invoicing. It works with your inventory to manage product availability, pricing, discounts, fees, rebates, and shipping rules.
The Sales Order module enhances your customer relationships by easy order taking and acknowledgement, by correct product allocation, picking and shipping, to billing, and receiving payment.  Both inventory and non-inventory items can be sold as well as returned.  Processes can be as automated as you desire.  It ensures that your Receivables are captured and that accurate, timely information is available to all parties, when they need it, how they need it.

Abelisk is a rules driven system where you set the rules!

Abelisk™ Sales Order Processing Module Advantages

  • Sales orders can be taken and priced at any of the 6 handling levels
  • Prices are date sensitive, can have multiple price levels, can be pre-set or calculated based on cost or a base price, and can be set by volume based on handling level
  • Unlimited item and transaction discounts
  • Ability to separately apply and account for multiple embedded charges in the price, such as taxes, royalties & fees
  • Non-inventory items can be included in orders, including freight and other charges
  • Ability to track third party charges associated with an order, including both payables and receivables
  • A single or multi-level approval process can be required on orders and returns/allowances
  • Customer item codes, labeling and pricing can be related to company SKU codes through a customer cross reference table
  • Billing can to be the Customer or a third party
  • Ship To information can include pricing, special requirements, shipping rules, delivery times, and more
  • Items may be shipped on consignment, tracked and invoiced as sold (pay by scan)
  • Broker and agent orders may be taken and commissions tracked
  • Ordered items may be drop shipped with automatic transfer to the PO module
  • Sales orders can be taken and invoiced in any currency with payments in the same or a different currency. Exchange rates can be based on market rates or pre-set
  • Acknowledgements, confirmations and advance shipping notices can be automatically generated
  • Orders can be taken and later allocated to one or more sites and warehouses
  • Orders can be released and shipped as one or multiple shipments
  • Orders can be imported, entered, split, or auto generated
  • Taxes can be selectively applied at different rates on items in an order
  • Picking can be by order or by pick wave and directed using a handheld device
  • Shipments can be built from multiple order releases based on transportation requirements
  • Dock appointments can be assigned to shipments and used to schedule order picking
  • Pick lists, packing lists, bills of lading, labels, sales reports, customer reports and more can be generated
  • Invoices can be by all or part of an order or consolidated across shipments
  • Deposits can be required, received and tracked against orders
  • Returns and allowances can be managed along with the issuance of credits
  • Customer rebates can be periodically generated based on eligibility at the item, customer, and transaction
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