Abelisk Software offers the professional services you need to make your implementation and use of Abelisk a success beyond your expectations.
Implementing and using a new enterprise level system requires planning, commitment, and resources.  This requires a commitment on our part as well as yours. We are committed to your success and will provide the professional services you need, including:
  • Implementation services to help you plan your implementation, assess staff requirements, consult with you on process improvements, and provide setup, training and “go-live” support
  • On-going support of your use of Abelisk, including personal contact, web services, deployment, and support support materials
  • Training of new and existing staff, as requested
  • Consulting on your on-going use of the system to evaluate and suggest process and performance improvements
  • Abelisk community interaction
  • Customization design and development services should they be required.
  • Support of your IT staff in configuring and customizing to your specific requirements

On your part, you are providing financial, staff and other resources along with a commitment from top management to be supportive of your implementation and use of Abelisk™. Implementation is truly a team effort!
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