Abelisk Software works with your Abelisk™ Administrator/s and staff to transfer knowledge and skills during your implementation and on-going use of Abelisk™.

While face-to-face training is very effective, it needs to be supported by good documentation and access to a knowledgebase on the application.

Training ServiceWhat we provide is:
  • Documentation available on-line from the application
  • Self-help training material available from our Support website.
  • Operations manual - in addition, your implementation needs to have an operations manual specific to your business.  This not only explains the rules you have implemented but also the processes to be used.  We will work with you to achieve this manual.

If your IT staff is to customize the application, then we would train your staff accordingly.  This can go all the way from training on the Administrative tools that are easy to use but requires knowledge of the database to training on coding changes in the application.  This requires training on the application platform as well as the database.

Our Training Team will work with you to your requirements as needed.

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